We want to support businesses by being ‘enablers’, not ‘preventers’ in delivering People solutions.

Evolve HR Solutions was established by Nicola Stout, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development as well as being an HR and MBA graduate.

Over the last 25 years, Nicola has held senior HR positions, including at Board level, within McCann Manchester, BBC, ITV and Lime Pictures as well as having held a number of non-executive Board Director positions within the Hospice and Education sectors.

Evolve Hr Solutions

Evolve is passionate about HR being seen as ‘enabling’ businesses to succeed, rather than ‘preventing’ growth and development.  The Director has strong commercial credentials and supports organisations in developing an integrated business strategy where people are put at the forefront of success.  That said, at Evolve, we also understand the need to ‘roll up our sleeves’ to deliver on a day-to-day operational basis.

So, if you are an employer who finds the whole ‘people’ piece something of a minefield and are unsure where to turn for pragmatic HR or employment law advice, then you have found us!

We understand that not all businesses can justify employing a fully qualified and experienced HR professional in-house.  We can provide you with as much or as little People support that you need at any point in your business’ journey, alleviating stress, saving time and reducing the financial risk to your business. Being a small business ourselves, we understand the challenges small and medium sized businesses face in the people landscape, especially as we appreciate that there are likely to be more grey issues, than black and white.

Clients enjoy working with us. Our personal, friendly and professional approach isn’t unique, but our “enabling” ethos makes us stand out from the crowd.  To see more about what our clients have to say, take a look at our testimonials above.

Please check out our offer and if you’re unsure whether your people policies and processes are as up-to-date as they should be, complete our health check to see where we can support you in ensuring you are legally compliant and fit for purpose in 10 key areas.  We can then discuss with you where we could continue to support you remotely, or on-site, acting as your People Professional for a fraction of the in-house cost.


come and talk to us and let us help you help your business grow…because people matter in business.