Managing Change

Change is never easy but we can help you navigate through the process no matter what the issue is….we’re here to help!  Our Director is accomplished in small and large-scale change so once we have understood your needs we can establish the end game so we can successfully project manage your desired outcome for the short term and embed for the future.

Evolve Hr Solutions

What types of change can we help you with?

We have extensive experience of supporting managers and leaders through times of change.

  • Maybe you are restructuring and need some help managing the people side of the project?
  • Perhaps you would like to introduce new ways of working or processes such as revamping your appraisal system?
  • If you are expanding rapidly and need to revisit your organisational structure.
  • Or you could be implementing a new system and want to ensure that it is delivered effectively? We have significant experience in managing both large and small change projects in many different organisations.

Whatever change you need to make we will support you through the process to deliver a successful outcome.

What do I do next?

We can support you on an ongoing or a project basis. By engaging with us, you can free up time to do what you are most passionate about. So if you are struggling with any of the above, contact us today and we will be glad to assist you.

Clients enjoy working with us. Our personal, friendly and professional approach isn’t unique, but our “enabling” ethos makes us stand out from the crowd.  To see more about what our clients have to say, take a look at our testimonials above.

On-Site Support

Clear communication with your employees makes life so much easier. Especially when it comes to addressing and preventing people problems.

That’s why we offer on-site support where we will essentially become part of your team on a bespoke basis depending on your people needs and requirements. Whether it’s a review of a specific area, a formal meeting or general advice, we will be there.
Every business is different with its own challenges so, at Evolve we offer an on-site service that is flexible and tailored. Therefore, the level, frequency and content will meet your specific needs.

Think about Evolve as your People Partner.

Why and When would I need this?

As Evolve works with you as your People Partner we can help with…..

Using our on-site support you can take comfort in the fact that we will be there to help you, whatever the challenge. Contact us today to find out more 


come and talk to us and let us help you help your business grow…because people matter in business.