This is also known as ‘on-boarding’ and is the critical first step to integrating new recruits into your business.  Employing new people can be time-consuming and costly, so you need them to be making an impact as soon as possible.  This is particularly important in fast-growth businesses as it can critically affect whether growth targets and plans are met.

Make new people in your business feel welcome, valued and keep the process simple.

Get it right and they will integrate successfully and start making a difference quickly, but get it wrong means they could leave you just as quickly as they joined you!

We can help design induction training, bespoke to your business, and put steps in place to review its success
Evolve Hr Solutions

Maximising Performance

At Evolve we advocate that People matter in business.  Every business is only as good as the people it employs, manages and develops.  However, we also recognise that ensuring people consistently deliver is not as easy as it sounds!  This is especially true if you’re busy growing your business. 

So, outsourcing your performance management tools and processes to us, can help ensure you focus on sustained business growth, whilst we at Evolve ensure all elements of managing performance are completed to the highest standard. 

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This process, also known as Performance Development Reviews are an essential tool for businesses to understand how things are going from an employee performance perspective.  Their frequency depends on how quickly a business changes but should be carried out at least once a year.   Keeping it simple makes the conversation between an employee and their manager more effective. 

Essentially, appraisals look at what’s going well performance-wise with the employee; what needs to be worked on, any development needs to maximise potential and agree to the on-going focus for the future.

However, it’s really important that both parties in the process get the maximum benefit. Therefore, not only can we create bespoke procedures for your business, we offer training programmes for both managers and staff. 

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Clients enjoy working with us. Our personal, friendly and professional approach isn’t unique, but our “enabling” ethos makes us stand out from the crowd.  To see more about what our clients have to say, take a look at our testimonials.

Managing Change

Change is never easy but we can help you navigate through the process no matter what the issue is….we’re here to help!  Our Director is accomplished in small and large-scale change so once we have understood your needs we can establish the end game so we can successfully project manage your desired outcome for the short term and embed for the future... Read More


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