The Basics

At Evolve we want to help you make sure you’ve got the People basics covered.  This includes things like policies, procedures, contracts, handbooks and job descriptions. 

We would recommend a People Admin audit as the first step on which to build your foundation for success in the policies and procedures landscape.  We will look at:

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A contract is a statement of the terms and conditions of employment for all new employees. It needs to be provided to people within 8 weeks of starting work – but why wait that long?  It’s best practice to send this to them once you offer them the job.  It’s important the contract includes all the important elements regarding their contractual relationship with you. Evolve can make sure you have the right contracts for all your people whether you are employing them on a permanent, fixed term or casual basis.

People Handbooks

These can start small and evolve in line with your business, but as it grows it becomes more important to have a staff handbook that sets out “the way we work”, in essence the culture of your Company.  We can ensure your handbook does just that, as well as ensuring it remains updated to reflect any future regulatory, or legislative changes.

Clients enjoy working with us. Our personal, friendly and professional approach isn’t unique, but our “enabling” ethos makes us stand out from the crowd. 

Policies and Procedures

All businesses, whatever their size or industry, need a set of core People Policies and Procedures to ensure compliance within the employment legal and regulatory landscape.  In addition, they provide clear guidance for the people in your business about what’s expected of them, as well as any consequences there may be, should they not be adhered to. 

As your trusted People Partner, we can help you establish appropriate People Policies that meet the needs of your business.

Disciplinary and Grievance

No company, or individual for that matter, likes dealing with staff disciplinary or grievance issues. It’s helpful to remember disciplinary procedures are there to “correct” behaviour, rather than “punish”.  Similarly, grievance processes are there to ensure people have an opportunity to formally share concerns they have in the workplace. 

However, it’s important to ensure these processes are fit for purpose from a legal and business perspective.  Critically, for them to be effective, they need to be applied consistently and fairly.  We can help ensure this happens, as well as offer support and coaching for Managers who may be less than confident in these situations.

Investigations into Staff Misconduct

This is often the first stage of a disciplinary or grievance process, and its purpose is to establish the facts of any allegation before it’s decided whether to take further action. As with all people processes, it is important that the investigation is conducted in line with legal guidelines in order to minimise the business’s future risk, as well as ensuring affected staff are treated fairly and equitably. One of the rules surrounding the process is that the individual or Manager conducting the investigation cannot be involved further once the investigation is completed. So, Evolve can support smaller businesses where in-house resource isn’t present.


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